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7/7 Jeff Chynoweth, GM of the Kootney Ice, on WGR

Jul 7, 2014|

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    wonder. WGR. Sports Radio 515. John Clayton so his comments on the New England Patriots story. He was on Clayton was not what my job to hold like yesterday if you miss the interview it's available and on demand audio. At WGR 550 dot com on demand audio has brought few by. Northwest savings Pakistan make the switch northwest in addition to that guess what else is an argument on the Bill Belichick press conference. And the Tom Brady press conference if you'd like to listen to both of those. And judge for yourself although. Most the world seems right now
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-- Sam Reinhart who we expected sabres development camp a week from today 10 AM. July 14 that's when things get started at first Niagara center good morning -- let's talk about -- Suffering and finally looks like it it at least stop for an can have a lottery and on and off the next couple days well that's not good at all but more. Good morning where speaking now are going to be speaking with just in a moment here Egyptian pilot who is the president and GM. Of the -- they ice hockey club if you recognize that name it's because that's where Sam Ryan artist and playing his hockey is juniors in. To it with the ice and Jeff is a kind of join us this morning it's early out their 7:30 AM out their 930 here are times of the morning Jeff thanks for joining us this early. No problem at your first question I'll get right to it on -- and -- he would be on your team next year what do you think. Require about -- yeah you're you're that's how you're approaching and we're fairly confident he'll be in the NHL. Yes I am -- we kind of thought that all along. I've said from day one he's a special player but he didn't even better person. You know he's. They had a -- in every leading up to this. -- eat -- geared for this he's you know he's prepared for this Sunday. As we have a lot of hard work has gone absolutely the best league in the world but you know he's exceeded every level. And I won't have any doubt that you'll be a very good NHL player. They -- -- you've no doubt seen you know guys come through and get trapped in hi this draft it was talked about there was no. Franchise. Generational player. But when it comes to Sam -- art what do you see for him as as his ceiling or what what kind of player in the NHL you think you can ultimately being. Well -- seeking going to be better pro anyway and junior and the reason I say that is. Is this is hockey sense is off the charts and when your plane with the best players in the world. You know that gonna make them better and make him better and -- quote shot against some of the kids he plays with a junior but. That's the case there's always a key players are a little bit better I think that. You know he's so Smart in the sense that you'll be able to adjust and the thing that you know the weaknesses in the scheme that'll get better she gets older more stronger I think -- just to come to the forefront and a like I said -- I I I can't speak -- franchise type player those are big words and today's game but he's going to be a very very very good NHL player. You just mentioned stronger he's got to get a little bit stronger tells a little bit about his frame and his body coming into the league will he be able to withstand the rigors. Other NHL season with obviously guys are a lot older bigger stronger than him you know pounding him night after night and how is he gonna adjust to that early on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What's it like coaching a player or the coaching but having a player. That has that kind of bloodline you know you mention accident ended his brother is is -- well sometimes you don't. You'd have. I don't know act extra pressure as the the the club that really has his rights to make sure becomes the best player because in others an expectation that with that name. Columns a level of success that that is supposed to come. No question about it and like he came up what we were fifteen when he was fifteen excuse me and he waited an affiliate player of the year we went to the memorial cup championship was the which is the Stanley cup of major junior hockey and he was a regular contributor fifteen so he knew that dirty that he was a very special player and I think that having -- older Brothers go through this you know. Whether it be the draft Griffin with the islanders dropped to four overall -- Caribbean the oldest boy. Moving away from Vancouver to little -- repeat seat you know it's kind of set the tone for the fairway and I really believe but can't sit here. I mean as she gets older and he's going to be are you guys are really into our watched complaints. You know like. First Gainey played as a fifteen year old actually was -- scored the game winner three minutes left so not many kids do that when we come up as a as an affiliate player in the western -- Just you know what does that GM and president could -- ice will you watch him now I want a guy leaves obvious seem to be little more difficult to watch Buffalo Sabres games but you know it's a play the you've. Obviously had a relationship with so when guys leave -- -- do you follow their careers in the NHL. Out. You know -- key member of that hockey club in the -- -- still -- endured our organization and -- you know -- follows -- -- very closely and we want to have success is like we want all our players to have success doesn't matter what they're doing whether they're hockey -- in the real world we want an album success. We get them on their sixteen to twenty years old become a young -- -- leave a young man and that -- that that's the most important thing for myself and my organization Scott. Jeff tell us about seems demeanor I mean this is a young team obviously he's coming into. And he's gonna grow with a lot of these guys but what kind of a leader is -- -- what does work ethic off the ice as well. What was work ethic is very very like KE EP just. He goes and he's very unassuming -- are raw raw vocal guy but he's very you know he's very get very driven very determined to what he wants and you know heat he will likely that he he he will push himself because. And he said he wants that she wants this and I mean you all would want things but we he'll put it whatever it takes to do to get to the next level and I think. With the young hockey team I mean there's going to be growing pains for everybody not -- him. That you know you're gonna have in your ups and downs because -- says -- played against man and it will take time to adjust but. You can surround them with the good people and that the people both on and off the -- I mean now it is that he told -- sky's the limit and I think that that he he's going to be could sit here you know I don't know what -- plans are whether it be Winger center but he can play both positions and that. These I guess at JE he's easily -- very unassuming in the in his unit in the but it how it goes about his business but it's not that he's very laid back so that West Coast lifestyle. No -- he's a very intense quietly intense statement got. Jefferson north the president and GM of the code -- ice well works I've seen him development camp is a week from today sell on. Will be on the look out about his is skating I mean that's one thing that you know as you pick apart the top prospects. That was his thing that was picked apart what that what is your take on -- I I think that's so falsehoods but it's there and you know the one thing about the NHL draft special with the -- -- -- -- -- -- you know you'd get -- get in next year's he would pick it apart and that's when you see them too much -- -- become that way it's no different than us with the band and each players that we do -- our level. You know you see them so much TV being negative. I used the story Morgan Riley who played the Toronto Maple Leafs won one of the best skaters in the western hockey league and we are playing almost -- a couple of years ago and a champion Larry's one on one of the puck. And I don't just one incident but. You know that's one important thing that are the best skaters in the league and I hear all the supported -- is skating it's -- -- -- -- -- It'll go up higher he can take it to another level and I mean I -- that. That's totally false in my opinion. -- right thanks very much Jeff for the time in they have to have a good season their commitment. Thank you very much guys and our doctor Jeff Schiller the president and GM of The Who now -- who says. He'll be a buffalo sabre one asking. You know -- going to be on your team next year I would agree I don't think there's relief.