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07-18 The John Murphy Show Hour 1

Jul 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Buffalo Bills radio sports update. Various bills today on this first day of training camp the bills linebacker Kiko Alonso. And successful surgery to repair his torn ACL yesterday that's what's his agent tweet it out today. Alonso underwent surgery performed by doctor James Andrews the noted orthopedist he is gonna miss the entire season. The bills released two players today they released wide receiver -- Roberson and cornerback -- Robinson Robinson was an undrafted rookie out of Clemson. And the Robertson spent time on the bills' practice squad last year is a great deal of time in spring practices with an undisclosed injury. Bills GM Doug Whaley announcing today to the media that. Left tackle according plan is not quite ready to go in the bills will monitor that he will undergo some light exercise on the side Whaley is expected to announce that. Rookie -- twelve Anderson we'll take over as the starting left tackle at least at the beginning of training camp at the British Open -- Rory McIlroy. Put up another 66. For two consecutive days he still has the lead he has a 36 hole total of twelve under par. 132. Tiger Woods struggled fortunate just to make the cut. Tiger. After it in the general manager of the Buffalo Bills -- Doug thanks -- -- -- mark thanks for having training camp -- the first team in the league. In training camp that feels pretty good as it feels good not so good -- last summer vacation it feels good it's it's time to get started were excited not we're happy to be here it's really great out here at saint John -- they -- right of the bill served by my count one of fourteen teams that go off site. For training camp a trend -- new trend is to say you know why it's important for this team. From a football sense to go off site. Will coach believes and we believe in the philosophy that it's a great team building. Exercise and you you concentrate on nothing but football. Less outside stimuli as possible. And you get to know people that otherwise may not spend time with so it's a bonding experience and we think it's the good precursor to. Building up a solid team foundation. Your background from you working with the Steelers aim for almost fifty years it and its influences college in the probe and that's one of those places kind of like this where you know the the probe in saint Vincent's has identified with -- franchise just as the bills ever this place. Absolutely and I think it's -- some -- relationship we we get a lot of work done quality work done here earning his saint John Fisher great exposure. What is it about this college it makes it a good training camp site about the setup here. Persist for us it's the proxy enemy proximity of everything between the locker room fields and where they sleep and that classrooms. They may have to walk maybe fifty to 75 yards Max and which one do especially Kampman and longs were going to be can't. Is try to limit. That amount of time those guys are on their legs. When they're not practice and so this is -- at that point. We're talking -- Doug Weight and general manager of the Buffalo Bills on this the first night of the 2014 training camp he dug a conversation with your predecessor buddy nix. Around the top of the list me camp. It kind of an informal conversation but he made a point -- saying that he felt like. This roster was set up well this year and maybe he looked at it from the five years when. When he took over the roster and now of course the last two years you've been the general manager but he felt like over the last five years that's been a pretty serious and and successful rebuilding project for their roster. And we're excited about it and I mean we look at the position battles this camp safety at wide receiver at offensive line. And then the depth at linebacker losing Keiko was a blow but we feel we have people woman on campus that can step in and fill the -- won't always -- you found out about -- a couple of weeks ago what sort of update -- have a I just from what his campus said the surgery went successfully CEO Jim Andrews did it so we're excited to to have him come back he'll be back. Last week break camp give him in some rehab stints and he he'll he'll come back better than ever he's done this before so. He's got a familiarity with what to expect now with this injury and the timetable so. It's it's not great news but at least he's being positive about. You know -- had such an outstanding rookie year getting in every snap in a lot of us were excited to see what you do outside but maybe his death notices would be turned -- even more so on the outside it's got to be kind of a -- out of it. A disappointment that he's not going to be able to -- that the issue. I absolutely it's a disappointment for all involved but again. We feel that. Our level expectations not gonna change -- -- we lost. Important part of our defense. But no one's gonna -- for a so we gotta keep going who are the candidates to replace Keiko would. I would say -- Preston brown Nigel -- -- -- Powell and then Keith Rivers between those guys though man no one will be the will what will be the Sam I don't know exactly right now. Which one is gonna slide over and try to go with the will position but those are the candidates tell me about Preston brown who view and a lot of others like to in the OTAs in any case. I attended the thing we liked about him when you look on film he he played inside. And he was a good run stopper but what we've seen since we've had them in and actually when we went to little work out. Forgot to fifty plus he moves around very well. So we're excited to see him in coverage and we think with his movement skills will be able to do that type powerless -- -- might not be all that familiar to many bills is this what about what you like about him. We like about first of all last year he came -- we got him off. The practice squad would pick them off someone's practice squad he came in. Did very very well on special teams he was a defense and then come -- college so we know we can rush the passer he's making the conversion linebacker. And he's turned himself all into it he's learned that he's it's gonna take some time just to get a feel for. But he's got its give -- 110% and we're excited to see where he can go. Dug up this defense that a lot of things well last year they get used. It rebuilt that like backing core now we -- but you've got Brandon Spikes and Keith Rivers and pretty it's going to be a pretty much an entirely new cast of characters -- linebacker. It will be but we believe what those forces we got up front it. -- they should be okay because those guys from what I understand are taught to wreak Havoc in the and the linebackers is cleanup that behind -- has it been tough to make last year defensive personnel -- into the scheme this year. I don't think so and talk and a coach Schwartz everybody tries to label 3443. For us -- and especially -- scouting. And our scouting staff that's just the difference between our guy put his hand down a guy standing up responsibilities are are are some are similar. 43 you won't have the guys dropping coverage but sometimes guys get exotic and have those guys drop as well. You mentioned a minute ago about the depth you have at this safety spot talk about it you lost years -- talk about the candidates to replace -- verdict there. Oversaw wanna start -- -- Williams were excited about Aaron we think once he got back there last year and settled in. And we think there is a star in there and -- and come out and we're expecting big things from him. Duke Williams got a guy that's. Similar in the mold of Larry Williams got to play corner. That's physical. And can cover and that will help us dictate to the offense of what to do instead of -- in -- -- another nickel or quarterback you can have a safety come down. With a run presence but also the ability to cover. Meeks had a great spring he's making plays. Last year. That was the one thing we were concerned about he'd always be in the right place but he did make the play in in the spring he stepped up and he was making some plays. And then you know answers even actors here she back there as well and sir see I mean he did a great job -- that a nickel role forest. But people also know that when Byrd wasn't planned he started force so he's got the upper hand with the experience but it's going to be a good battle and it's going to be interesting. And Iowa as we always say competition brings out the best and everybody said. You mentioned -- Williams a minute ago coach Schwartz -- something towards the end of mini camp about what a big hitter. Aaron Williams was -- and I think that snuck by a lot of people he he delivers pretty big -- we need to get record and absolutely winning as I say we need a poll collector back there. What role do you see Corey Graham plane it coach rob mentioned may -- -- -- it's a few but certainly. Most of his -- experience has been the quarterbacks. One thing we know we've looked at when we brought Corey Graham in his injuries obviously are part of your name and last year we lost two corners and we didn't wanna have to move my parent I mean. We -- -- have to move anybody around. To compensate for the lack -- so Korea automatically brings us debt. He'll be frightened for outside nickel and it in a pinch we would move Maxi two but I think we're concentrate on him in in the corner position right now. You do have depth that border then when you think about it you have really good depth -- Gilmore back with them Mckelvin probably not long for that you know on the shelf here you have some players Specter court. Fassel in to pass happy league so that's that's the position where you need as many as possible and and like I said injuries are gonna play pardon. If we do have injury or two will still be able to put. Quality performers out there on the field. Wanna ask a couple questions about the offense to Doug Whaley -- -- -- a general manager the bills. You and I had a conversation six months ago to Senior -- what you talked about your commitment to EJ Manuel and your commitment to get better around him on offense do you feel like you've accomplished it. We think so with the additions of the running backs we added the offensive lineman and then of course Sammy Watkins and the one thing with adding -- around EJ. It shows EJ and we're committed to them but it also -- you know that he doesn't have to put the weight of this world on his shoulders. Just do what you do keep getting better every year but we're gonna have people around you to help you out. The trade up for Sammy Watkins a bold -- you in the two months since -- be reflected much what you. As two months ago it started at the vote in the camp. It was big it was big in the one thing that I was taught in this business that the deal makes -- don't be afraid of lectures and we sat down and we thought. If we have a chance to get the best offensive weapon in the draft that's gonna make our team better that's gonna maker quarterback better and it's also gonna make. The way defenses play yes. They have to think about it now they have to game plan for. -- They got a game plan for Sammy so these in and then mark he's good -- so. Who are you gonna take away so that gives us options and helps us -- and -- Manuel called game. What did you think this would ultimately it was pretty much what you dream exactly what we expected. A fierce competitor. Actually he did better than I expected he. There's not a prima Donna he comes in and works like he's undrafted free agent and I knew it was a hard worker but I did know he had that mindset that. Am trying to make the team just like everybody else but as physical abilities or exactly where we picked him. I watched him make catches it -- camps outside whose body minute it may each of these objects it. They're accuracy would get exactly and that's 111 of the reasons why we said this guy will hopeless this -- what was it better. What does Mike Williams received. He brings -- the size aspect and aspect of being able to make a catch when he's covered. He's a strong body guy. He can get position and he has strong hands so. Very rarely are you gonna see him get stripped from a catch you know guys come in and try to -- the ball away. His hands are strong and he can post up when so we're excited about that care so much Chris told me please and some other guys. The competition should be. Receivers it is and that that's what makes this canceled citing like I said before the competition and wide receiver. Competition corner we talked about the competition safety and in the competition offensive line and even in running backs so. This is an exciting and it goes back to a -- says. That's when you think you're taking that step where you have competition and if you lose a guy. The level expectations not gonna do it because you have a guy that's behind them that -- pollution. And that's gonna make everybody better -- team that you went out got three rookie offensive -- in the draft talk about what you hope to see them out here the next five weeks. -- central Anderson Nam. We know his demons off the field we think he's got -- of those things and he's a talented guy and we feel that. Again if he didn't have those demons he would have been probably in the first round so were who were excited to see him translate that to the field. And with -- being out he's going to be a starting left tackle right now. -- -- -- -- -- old school right tackle. He's got some. The length that would help him minutes pass protection because it makes a bigger arc for the guy to get around and gives Egypt may -- and split more seconds if he does. -- -- And then Richardson I mean just size inside if you look at the teams we play. They have a lot of them are 34 guys -- big into your defense -- so we got to matched those guys and he's a tough again road grating. Offensive linemen that is just loves them to move people against their will. Any ideology. Have to be an upward at this time we do not know we were open and he would have to see how it progresses Doug Weight or just to question -- Egypt policy to use in the offseason many camps in -- -- I think he's progressing well there's a good -- and bad days but that's to be expected when they threw the whole book at them. Now and warring camps they're gonna start narrowing down his focus and give him more on to have a greater command of the offense. So were excited about what we saw on the spring him we think he's gonna continue to get better to do you feel that you might feel that he has waited for his shoulders. What and that's why we we went back to -- -- and we're telling them hey listen look at the play -- you have around you you don't have to be that playmaker. And that's -- the Sammy Watkins is for the CJ this Fred the -- grounds that Dixon's. You know Tony more hockey Chris grad. Mark -- could win those guys are there to help. So he doesn't have to feel like hey this is all warm my shoulders and I just have to do what I'm told to do everybody else and get it to the playmakers and let them do their job. But it's along trachea the -- -- Ohio tripped three days in the -- Pennsylvania. He had to take five weeks from today what do you hope to accomplish its history. Come out healthy and hopefully come -- help. We have. And better sense on those position battles who's gonna be on our starting lineup and then getting tuned up ready for the season and obviously C. Healthy EJ just keep progressing -- matter what we -- healthy this one that's mangle thanks thanks John Doug -- HMO. Americans. Might go -- -- training camp on Buffalo Bills -- Thinks he's not John Murphy -- on buffalo. Alive a couple of training camp John Murphy show presented by -- go and some of the players over the -- players -- be good enough they're taking a look at the ground stadium. That's where it all happens out -- moving -- are gone on out there. Right outside their -- stadium with up the Buffalo Bills as they arrive. The scene taking a look at the seniors beautiful night in. It's for New York as the sun begins to set 72 degrees the temperature we're here until 9 o'clock tonight coming up next hour here from a -- Williams a bills that would say he's -- to a city thirty. And Scott Tony longtime sportswriter for the Rochester. Papers will be joined in this at 8 o'clock it's really interesting things in the -- waving at you maybe wanna comment on those. Fault lines are open -- 0305 if -- -- free 1888550. To 550. We talked about hope a lot going into the initially what are your hopes and expectations for the buffalo bills' season a couple of tweets on the -- he -- -- more finest tweets and I expect the bills we tougher. And make an impact in the division. And -- mafia look Vijay and Sammy. Tougher and that's that's a good bingo for some into next week's. My hope and optimism is definitely being tested and losing -- and now Libyan question mark what -- football gods. I don't know -- I'm not gonna and they want more -- my question tweets and we're going to six I don't wanna jump the gun. And according Blanton he is in your -- Doug -- talk about it there waiting for the tests. They do not believe that according plans illness is going to be a season threatening illness at this time. They'll get more tests done he will do some light exercise work on the side I would jumping on and that -- serious injury yet. Let's wait and see before reassembling it too revved up and but I did think it was interesting that. -- said the sharp trial Anderson seventh round pick. You know they say he is and -- with Courtney and now that's what -- these are starting left tackle right now the big jump for him seventh round. But -- -- points out they believe that Anderson. It would probably have been in the first round if we didn't have those off field issues during the Simon Miami. A very highly rated at a high school prospect -- -- Anderson they think would have been a first round -- I'm gonna get a chance to like a complete the first team is at left tackle. And and the question about the offensive line and they came -- you heard I figured that way -- talk about Cyrus squad -- second round pick. Many people wondered why -- -- left tackle they believe Quantico is he puts it it's India. Wrote -- starting right tackle in the making me I don't believe anyone -- promo there on the left side and confuse. Here's a call from Joan why Israel Joseph what's on your mind today what about your hopes for the bills' season. -- I don't what racial America thank you. I don't everybody calling in this thing you know they hope we make the playoffs. I just hope we become a team. That will continue to get better each and every year you know -- -- -- about nine and seven -- I mean we gotta talk struggled towards the end of the year. A little talk about it you know -- -- that we picked -- -- locked in a law but you can abuse start you can repeat. The next Calvin and AJ green he's big time receivers and make big time plays and you know just by themselves that a couple wins and thirteen. -- -- -- inside which Sammy Watkins being the starter he might think that's an open it up from -- -- is Goodwin and Robert Schwartz. I think those three. Our core. You know what are wide receivers I think it's going to be -- really -- here I think he gave him get relax that there are couple games. And up to the one thing. That I would want to see that goes to my expectations. I would look to see the -- not be so conservative. I -- -- to -- -- it's not gonna happen but I would hope this speaks you know. First player even above to see we flickered to send you luck in America is -- would go straight for parts. I mean that pretty much like a surge they've got. All right thanks -- thanks for calling and I don't know -- I don't know what people mean by conservative their running football team does that mean their conservative team they were. One of the top running football teams in the league last year. And their and the ball just about more than anybody else in the league -- does that mean their conservative. I don't think so. Mum so I don't know and when you say I don't want to be so conservative. They pushed tempo just about as hard as anybody including that. The up tempo Philadelphia Eagles does that make them a conservative team I don't think so. I just have a hard time characterizing the bills offenses conservative to run a flea flicker on the first play from scrimmage. Well have you conducted if it makes a big play then I'm all for it but I do think you know you got it. The first play from scrimmage in the season doesn't really mean a whole foods that evaluated after a game or a couple of games are a handful of -- -- season to see whether. Conservative enough. But some interesting points there. Hopes and expectations for the season will. Continue the discussion after the top of the hour we're gonna continue the discussion was Scott but Tony. One time Rochester sports -- will be joining us after the top of the hour and we'll leave the phone lines open for him. If you wanna weigh in on that or anything else about the bills' Scott covers the AFC east for a USA today. Sports weekly so we'll get a sense of him on what's going on the other teams in the division that's coming up after the top of the hour one hour in the books one -- tonight John Murphy Joseph presented by -- Live from buffalo bills' training camp. A Buffalo Bills radio.

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