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Sal Paolantonio at Buffalo Bills Training Camp

Jul 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is beautiful sunny morning here in Pittsburgh New York Howard Simon Jeremy went -- training camp at saint John Fisher College the bills' practice last night complete coverage of WGR 550 dot com. And they will be on the field today at 2 o'clock it is free it is open to the public -- like the stop by. We are joined here in the tent at saint John Fisher -- -- volatility of from ESP that he is here in town. With a guy you might have heard of your question or Ron Jaworski was a -- a few weeks' -- to offers father baker tournament. They are us starting their their travels around the NFL training camps. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Get -- two -- -- that would support and your list. Well I think. You know from date from a big picture standpoint obviously the sale of the team is -- is the number one big picture storyline I think number two is EG manual and stay healthy for sixteen games. And then I think number three Mike -- out as defensive coordinator and Jim Schwartz in its -- support -- so let's start with number 31. You're going from a 43 defense to a wide nine defense and people who know that the white nine I know well in Philadelphia because she was one Accenture which is proteges. Washburn Washburn. You know coach dad in Philadelphia and it has its. It has its detractors. You know if you're running the white nine new leaving the middle open you're not blitzing very much depending on your front war specifically defenses -- -- why it. But after the quarterback that leaves. A lot of room to maneuver in the middle of the field and you're susceptible to the run game on lasts. You have me being good strong tough committed determined the body in the middle of the field -- more so there is related to play it possible for you. So you know that is the major question mark can Schwartz run that. To set. In his front four. And is more so there is going to be ready able and willing to play all season long Xena is -- being condition 12 is he going to be. Suspended. So I think that's a major major issue for this football team yet -- 57 sacks last year but under patent. They blitzed. As much as any team in the National Football League last year matter fact they've been ranked tenth. In the frequency of blitzes blitzing well over 36%. Last year last year Jim Schwartz and Detroit. -- less than 16%. He was in the bottom three of the -- so you're going for -- blitzing team on a 3421. Non blitzing wide nine defense. With a troubled defense -- we were talking about Doris a lot the first hour I'd love to hear your thoughts out of your dog around. What do you do -- -- and I know. And I I believe there's you look at that -- -- little bit differently at the talented guys has posted 87 -- roster -- -- at central and done -- you know as a disciple of Bill Parcells and he understands that. You have to manage different personalities that they don't give you 53 Boy Scouts. And say go win a Super Bowl that's not the way in NFL rosters put together you going to half's. You know we ran into this in Philadelphia Chip Kelly decided all of a sudden the just released DeSean Jackson. You know primarily because he couldn't deal with it and he also -- wanna -- with the contract issues here you can't do that with this guy. Once you're married to Morris you've got to make I talked to -- -- Blink one on one before practice yesterday he said quote. Marcel has a good heart. He has to play football for us we want him to play football for us and we will get him in shape and get him ready to play. And he said he had a long one on one conversation with more silt barriers to see where his head was act. He wouldn't repeat those personal conversations but I came away with -- thinking this is a coach who is committed. Totally completely. This summer to making sure that Marcel Darius is first and foremost in football shape the -- and got his head straight. Now Doug -- told me that he's had a conversation yesterday with Marcel Darius were various and I'm ready for football version dominate the leak. So. You know he's got to come here and prove it Darius is arriving here today he was not here yesterday according to a team official that I talked to. Also I was told that he is. Not gonna take. The conditioning test until the end of the week which means he won't be practicing all week at the earliest you'll take it on Thursday Friday with a report that on sports editor at about 9 o'clock Wednesday. Here I am in your show will credit you with their right now on -- and if people are driving into work in buffalo and so that is the latest on Marcel. She says something that. -- -- gays their Darius was excused at one point. To kind of get his head straight one of the things that Debra said was something along lines of powered help me I'd rather lose it do with the right way he was. I don't think he was trying to say I'd like loose football games but it did back up pretty much what you're saying that this this level of commitment that it would seem. That doron has to maybe it's just Marcel maybe it's other players he wants to be a coach that players. They they they feel like they they can believe in him because he'll have their back. Listen I don't know -- grown that well but I know his pedigree. And he seems to me just in talking to him a couple times I talked to deputies comes out of the straight shooter school of coaching. OK so I'm gonna take him at face value in what I spoke to yesterday Jeremy. And he seems to be totally committed -- it seems now he's totally committed. I looked in the -- hurt but he said and I think he's totally committed to making this the right situation from Marcel batteries and the Buffalo Bills. And it is of course at this point because you brought in Jim Schwartz a shotgun marriage you have to make it work. You're not gonna make the wide nine defense work unless you have -- out of the -- you need this guy. So you have to make it work and on various sport he has to shelve his ego and get his act together. And figure out these guys are bending over backwards to make life good for me. Right and being -- me so let me not abuse the situation because what happens when you do that -- If you start abusing the situation and you walk into the locker room and the other players Election Day. You'd make a -- did you know borrow less or not a right he got a ball us and he'll play with -- what's going on here we need you so straight now. And they -- asked to be a little social justice within the locker room. They have to take care of their own business on that navy's Fred Jackson goes up to him and says something maybe it's an area Williams put one of the defensive. Or are Kirk pilot has already talked to I'm sure I'm sure but I guess so I guess my question is -- we were talk about the -- I don't know the answer. If your Barone he knows he needs -- badly especially when you say okay bird left a lot those out for the year this is not the time to get rid of maybe your most felt the defense supplier. I know he needs them badly but. Does everybody have a breaking point that certainly there must be a -- chances that you keep giving to a guy I don't know if everybody has a breaking point. I can tell you flat out and talking to -- William room yesterday there and they're nowhere near the breaking point with this guy I think they are. All in. On fixing it. Getting it right. And figuring out what the next steps -- to get it right and obviously got to put one for important it before you know you -- -- we can run. He's got to pass the physical conditioning test first. Which seems elementary fundamentals at this point you shouldn't even they haven't asked that question and the guy get on -- feel the rest of his teammates but that's where they are. But yeah. If you want to know I was gonna go back to the sale of the team all ahead I was gonna go from three to two to watch as Sarasota reds or want you good to that's why. Fully committed to making a war EJ Manuel Lisa that's number two I had a good that's probably right so. What level of commitment do you sense they have a belief that they have. In each Jamail McCormick who drafted last year in the first round who played ten games and that might be the biggest thing that. Concerns bills fans we didn't get the full picture we edit an -- season because of injury. Yeah and I think that's what they're looking for is the full picture and he obviously learned from last year and he's got to protect this box. And -- what's the greatest ability. Availability. Right that's the greatest ability if you're available to your team you can lead from the bench. People talk about his charisma his leadership ability it's all there I'd seen him talking to him. And in those who have scouted in coached him it's definitely there is real he's authentic as a leader. He's clearly stepping up as the leader of the team it's his team which can't do from the bench Jeremy. Right you just can't that's the bottom line. You're an old school guy used to be you'd rather cornerback and -- -- to tell our I -- I just I didn't mean that is like an age that. Around the league for awhile so used to be drafted quarterback in the kids you would even think to put them on the field for the first couple years -- -- in those days are right. So how all of the teacher and I'm letting -- on Twitter our. I was I was what errors are as I don't like yesterday I don't follow him I I keep a kid uses Twitter handle I've whether how long the -- -- -- old -- -- and I tonight I think he gets a full season. But it right if this is two years now yeah if you can't wait right he's he's got to be making you've got to make significantly this year this team last year led to use against a team. This team last year led the NFL in rushing attempts per game 34 point one per game. They will do that again this year. Now the addition of Sammy Watkins. I think will force teams. To at least pay attention to a -- double team initially there's no question about that now you're occupying safety. And door and outside linebacker to chip them do whatever you can get a Maltese marketable as route specifically. That will open things up more for the running game and pay a price round of projects against each day. So you got a triple threat in the running game. They threw to their running backs more than any other team is higher percent last year than any team in the National Football League I think they'll continue that. But Watkins will open it -- that's the plan. Will they score more points listening scored win more points in the jets jets 38. And the jets last year we're in the bottom three points toward the bills which -- easily import export. Or easily so if you can get that a little bit better to where you're scoring 2421. Points per game. And your defense is better but the defense is a real question Mark Martin -- the office is going to be totally fine and really it is. I really that it stinks because I've bet most bills fans would be calm myself -- it would be on the opposite. -- -- -- -- Alonso out that the a lot of due out today -- guy who got married or assistance in areas that are Mark Burnett takes so yeah while to adjust from 34. To a 43 wide nine when you don't put this team had 57 sacks last year. -- they were -- top ten blitzing team. They were tough templates team under patent. Schwartz doesn't blitz he expects you to get home to the quarterback by not blitzing that's his calling card wasn't Tennessee. It it wasn't Detroit. You know you're scared us because there was a guy here by the -- Dave Wannstedt did the same thing a couple of years ago failed miserably. So you have to -- either he's gonna change. And -- is gonna say blitz. Or he's just gonna continue to do what he's always done and coach what he's always coached. So you put your hand in the ground you go wide outside the tackles. And the -- and in the come from that route to the quarterback that leaves the middle open. That puts a lot of pressure on the offensive tackles in your inside linebacker. My guess would be the -- let -- do the job one might be guy he hires Mike Patton Mike -- comes in and in listening to but were on talk about. Post game -- thought it was always. Yet to talk to Mike -- -- he ever put his hands in the defense it was very much. He was the head of the organization and he lets that right that the defensive guy run defense and my guess is he would operate the same way -- goes out and find Jim Schwartz do a job I would. Venture a guess alleged -- do that job -- and I think that the offense will score. Little bit more points I think he'll be three of 33 and a half more points per game which. Could be enough difference there could be you know finally number what does -- say look at their -- a -- just real briefly last year -- if they win two overtime games. In Cincinnati and and Atlanta there -- knee and we're having a different conversation -- -- -- -- in the chief's game which is earlier that. So I mean it's you know you look at it it's not just tires people and I think my role is it legitimate authenticate coach and I really do. And you know the sale of the team is an interesting dynamic that's a major undercurrent for what's happening here that we want to ask you. What kind of pressure is on Russ Brandon Doug Whaley the world do you think. With with no one knowing -- the next don't will be they are they absolutely have to win now or it's like everybody's gone well first of all I think whoever the -- going to be is going to be -- -- I think this team is going to be sold for over billion dollars. Which is probably 25% more what Forbes. Estimated. 7780. Currently 87. It's in -- -- last week Adrian are -- and had them flipped around 370 million. So. It could go for almost 25% more than that -- be 20% more than that. On soul it's gonna be the highest bidder. And if you're spending that kind of money you take total ownership of -- -- going to do right. You know you're -- in connect anecdote you wanna run your show. So everybody here is got to realize that it but it depends. On who the onerous Bon Jovi. Is not a guy who's gonna come in and clean house. First of -- It's amazing. What Russ Brandon has done as the president and his team in terms of this team makes a lot of money. The stands were filled. They've got a lot of a fan and sponsorship and corporate support. That you know really in Western New York is not easy to do and let's face facts right and -- he's. They've been here and I realized you know they haven't worn them in the playoffs and statement sent saint John Fisher College but you know Rochester is down a lot of fortune 500 money. And so he's built that in business and built this market I think what now it's 1617%. As well. The bills fan base is now Rochester based so. All right so Brandon and has done a great job considering what he's working with the team is making money. The bottom line is the teams are -- -- on -- not gonna happen -- can move that buffalo just I don't care -- with the ownership days it's just not going. I don't think Roger Goodell gonna let it happen I don't think Andrew Cuomo's gonna let it happen. And releases iron clad so the point words first of all you have to pay that 400 million dollar three. Or in keen -- -- nineteen it's down to 2328. Million dollars. But still it then you have to get a federal judgments in Erie county go along -- it it's just not gonna happen. So the next question is Camden new ownership if they paid over a billion dollars -- the man. Can they sustain the business model in the stadium that's now being renovated it too little 130 million dollars or do they have the building new stadium. And how to stick it built. In order to sustain the business model so now the four bidders. -- not really serious solicit -- three bidders okay. The three bidders three of the four they've all look that. The business model says okay they're flush with revenue they're making money they've got a solid fan base they've got good corporate sponsorship they're making money. If but if we over. Can we sustain that business model by staying in the current stadium what do we have to go really high end and do we do it in buffalo. Right or Niagara Falls or wherever that that put via right but I don't think the team's move. I hope your right there. I don't. I would stake my professional -- -- your mouth that the league's owners -- of the teams and I think the team I think the only Irish people. In ownership wanna see the -- stay here. I think they wanted to continue the legacy of Ralph Wilson. I think Roger Goodell is convinced I think that's what you've heard this sort of back door and always coming out of a Bon -- -- to put things to rest. I think the Bon Jovi who. Is the most serious. I think they have the most money that's -- -- as clinical money you know it's the best of. The bills fear the -- fifth biggest fear Jeremy brought -- -- is the Toronto. In part because you know they played a they had a series in Toronto it. From day one when that series announced people figured this is Rogers communications at -- way of trying to get a little. You know will -- the door for down the road so it in your opinion if if they're the most serious group -- let's say they. Win the big. They steal you know that the -- It took off what they won't let it ever happen because well ultimately be up to -- and I don't store just came out that they don't want him in all they were Everett should move the team nobody here believes that person. -- yet they it's not like I have to say that helped the -- but we know we talked to Ron Jaworski two weeks ago when he said that he has no plans to move the team on Wednesday but -- at -- yet but my job is open to what that might be true. Don't nobody here believes that we're just soul afraid. That if somebody that has ties elsewhere gets the team but it's a foregone conclusion that they would only say they wanna keep the team here -- long term the that would be the case. I can understand the fear but I think the lease is so locked down I think the league is very much against it I think. The ownership group whoever is realizes. -- -- Bought the team with the intent of moving it they would lose the fan base and the value of the team would drop. -- lame duck precious for a long time six years I Elaine. It's untenable financially it's right. Right it's untenable financially game and it makes -- sense. We -- too long -- you're supposed to apologize OK I don't want -- to get a job John's going to be screaming everywhere are you can't promote your Twitter handles or promote everything is -- -- -- -- training camp coverage well I'll promote this I wrote a book called a football explains America. -- -- -- And it is that he it's a book that rock -- get bill. Love and endorsed instantly creates these -- NFL films. So I would encourage people check -- -- how football explains America available stores and almost -- in Amazon.com but it seems he's put together thanks very much hey -- it's only a couple fallen heroes cricket aren't they should issue time. Self Caledonia for BS.

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