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820 Doug Marrone on Howard Simon Show

Aug 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning Doug -- how are you. -- you know first off I guess we're just talk about how long the campus I know when it started. You know three years ago you had talked about how there's a lot of work to do and and you have the extra game and have the extra time here. Opening day is two and half weeks away how are you coming in your estimation how is the team coming along in your big picture of what you wanna accomplish to be ready for opening day against the there. It's coming along and obviously we're not where we wanna be right now is this a couple things that get over top more situationally what would -- well there. You know he's -- an artist but you know everyone practice and Margaret now you know and everybody thinks -- close so you know what's -- America -- different. So. We have to go out there make sure that we excuse -- game that's why you know there's some type of level of frustration and and it's a catch -- too little bit you're not really going and their game plan for game plan. You know we yet you still want to see the production I think that that's important -- Morrissey who could make the plays -- And who can't. You seek progress. Yes absolutely. Other scenarios though that you thought you'd be further along right now and it's it is somewhat frustrating even though you're not game planning. I think the only thing that they I would say that may be frustrating but I think it's the frustration that that it has just Leo. -- just you hate to see people get injured or people get hurt people would be out for -- time. Because obviously that slows down. Progress. What -- situations you might be talking about red zone which is something from last year that she wanted to get better at -- -- in the pre season obviously it hasn't been theirs is that. Specifically wanted to catch twenty twos is that you're not necessarily calling the reds on the way that you will but you do wanna see what they're calling work. Well we did we ever matter to. Probably best playmaker feel down that -- you know -- obviously Sammy and Mike Williams. You know both those players have had a lot of success. -- obviously Colin -- Cuomo might specifically. India fell on the red zone so. Yes if you regret that a question that's one of the errors specifically that we're we're trying to work or or players on. Said he made a lot of headlines and impressed lot of people early on which just how dynamic he is look at expectations you have for him as a rookie being rookies in this league don't. Often at that position coming in you know lower body away but. He's he's been impressive. For sure only. Oh. Note no different of my expertise ever -- what are player -- -- playmaker be the player that he is. Idle -- I don't have as much of a concern for now as you may think of players coming and it's repeat it because it away and so Richard. Did you and is also the new guys. Could have noticed during your evaluation prior to the draft or. Yeah I think he's got that kind of poised to the museum up close every day working here that you realize okay it's will more special -- -- Yeah -- -- -- lives you know Doug Whaley and his staff knows -- -- Major League attendance you know if information and insight towards that player. So that we know if we do draft where did we don't spend his coaches that much time. With the players knows. Time -- senior -- on via. Playoffs. They have. The -- -- short time. But you rely on them and then you know fortunately you don't coach in history a lot of people -- rose one -- we -- most coaches and -- base they have a lot of great things to say what you guys have to be careful because this element players do. But I would agree that when he came here from all reports wrote you a little bit more special. Reports. From maturity -- went -- or physical attributes as well as or anything that you've seen route running hands. Physical ability that is even better than maybe you guys had anticipated. It's and wrote a -- chance -- an active haven't caught on the applaud it's 00 us from the war in ill he made some catches that. You may have left and one and the catcher practice which. Now. Not the -- -- the knock anyone else's -- So many people can't. It caption. Carolina game on the sidelines kind of throws his hands out the ball seems this to stick to so. What it comes to. EJ Manuel lot of fans obviously watch these games and evaluate each Emanuel. -- phrase that you might use amendment -- -- I think it was you that you're building a franchise quarterback moments on the blasters and like the idea that. You know he's a young player aside without like dug a -- out -- that I got a gut so the idea of you know he's a young player you're bringing along and it's going to be year -- so. I don't know expectations are different you have -- -- the you'd think he might beyond me and where. Is easy for from year one the year to a lot of the players are saying they're noticing more command from him. And a little bit of maturity or what whatever it might be what you see that's different -- Well I would agree with that and I think -- you know the first thing you know we see and we want -- to go to questions you know I think. What we want issue is what we get right now AF ICA healthy quarterback -- -- You know for us earlier helping your available. That obviously progress. Obviously in the system he's a much better job -- a much better command. Its accuracy. And practices. We keep to statistic you know obviously completion percentage and it just accuracy of the ball right where it should be. It's little things are all going up and you know he's given. Looks like he's very very comfortable out there on the field and then -- then those games I think. You know it's it's it's a work in progress we've got to come out every day -- work extremely hard about three dozen. You know I get to question a lot you know what to expect what you want you know we want to win games so whatever you have to do to win games that's what we want to make sure that we can do. People last week you know. Comparing them to a quarterback that's -- conceivable -- only 1112 years and you know very few of those players there and in this brought it takes time. This league will run many quarterbacks out -- development franchise quarterbacks. And that's just the way it is nowadays than these quarterbacks have to so that skid him about their business or go to work him and kind of just you know avoid all that extremists stimuli that's around them you know especially ones that are negative out. Obviously running the offenses is his job. Last year at the start of the year it was going to be a -- in a few different versions fast paced. You know get the big game placing quickly you wanna keep defense is so -- just guessing I guess you wanna you wanna run a temple offense has been no huddle at times. Will we see that this year I think. It's a the key teams guessing game -- he knew what you would do is with seventeen seconds what you -- -- snap the ball you would allow them to change personnel you be going no huddle at the idea the up tempo. Natured -- at the start last year I think it's a game plan situation and make something if you wanna you know you can up tempo -- -- -- -- the game words you want it to a -- so why is it time and where you know you may -- slowed down. But you're there. You know their -- abilities so we're gonna have the ability do whatever we think it takes away game which I think is the most important thing. Collectively as a team adultery you know its plants one. What that one follow up on Egypt user couple weeks ago we talked about trying to be more aggressive this year how do you what you guys talked in unit Dana Hackett how do you balance out. Okay -- -- -- Gulfport when you got a chance be aggressive but also be mindful of turnovers you know from day. Unnecessary risks but you also do one -- trying to make plays downfield so what do you talk them about that. Well I think you're only we watched a game nowadays which is much different than it was even you 1000 only a couple of years ago. You're you're seeing more of the man to man weather plans on behind that are just memory when you get a lot of man to man early on I think. You know one of the things for these quarterbacks when you see answerable -- outfield I mean I can see so in the zone coverages you know depending on what it is systematically can get some guys that the couple. But or or create separation. But and Amanda -- of which received quite a bit of in this league you know comes out of confidence knowing that you can throw that ball up there -- -- your guys and get it this. He made that one of the since you brought that up it's an incomplete pass but I I keep referring to the throw he made in the hall of fame game you guys tried to get it to Mike Williams in the end zone. And to me that was a step in the right direction like that throw even though it wasn't caught is. Put the ball up -- Mike you're one on one. I'm gonna trust it didn't work out but I want him to make. That -- makers of the great rose drop you know. Like if he makes waves this week so. You're exactly ray and that that's that's the cops on your quarterback and you're out there throw the football field your guy's gonna get it. You know that definitely make those throws that's that's what that's what do you make those. -- that coached admiral this year on WGR -- training camp saint John Fisher how's -- working with Jim Schwartz this year. -- -- differences between your last habits coordinator and differences in personalities out just what what makes it different. Everything -- very hard to find two people same book. You know obviously like you agree to efforts last year or -- before -- which a lot of one game -- next year but this year but -- that agents command you take command or blow it would be much but it. You know stop -- -- -- was concerned on the and so we felt good about that was just trying to get accord that the full story. Trying to work something one -- now you know Nigel so. How do you feel about the line backing. Picture overall because obviously one of the big story lines going in camp was the injury to Kiko Alonso -- of the big playmaker like him. As you evaluate you knew what I'm pretty sure you know what you're gonna get from Brandon Spikes. What board of the the other guys what they Brandon Brandon. For me very happy with the leadership like that he's trying to take the role that's important. He's done like. But it when I look at the linebackers you know it's like here again get excited about the use that you're. For a round -- campus he goes out last year. You're excited about five out -- that -- -- the last. Clause. Extremely well now. Whether he's -- -- -- -- -- and all of you know Randall Johnson. Another young cute you know flashes. So you get excited about the -- that we have. To say you know we were -- partners weekend he can't have both. Idols played better -- I've been here which is great plus for -- -- for the first game. Keith -- is the ultimate for so. That a little bit of -- and there but I think. You know those young guys need to keep progressing along to get something that. Success. You heard anything yet from the league in regards to any potential suspension of martial arts. I'd be the last. That affect anything in your your planning did you use at their thinking at some point I'm I may -- without war on games board games -- to worry -- You know -- when it comes out of that stuff you can't -- it is wasted energy trying to. Oh. Come now what do you plan. The back into your defense your spurred. Obviously was a tremendous playmaker for the defense. Is it one guy replaces that you look at multiple guys replacing that in in the ability he had on the field for you in the defense. I am I was keeping them whole combination. So. Have a good -- for real quickly sector. Cover you know for -- time you set the court backs that -- you know those two. And the front man in the back and work work -- and I hypocrisy here say hey you know we replace that production. You know one player you would like to replace that such. Scheme -- multiple players that we have. Also wanted to -- forgot that whatever got the offensive line could you've had some shifts there you get according Glenn Beck first off. In the short time he's been back with team drills how does he look the but he really -- that you do why. Well. Fresh way people's. Field. He he he he worked hard. Medical issues. Picture that week with now picture that is stronger. Which probably take. This though. Is that. Not to blow you know weight wise. It. The -- you do a lot of work with the office -- -- and practice on a daily basis can you talk a little about Sean troll Henderson do you see enough from him right now. As a rookie that you think he could be could handle himself if indeed you have to start a -- if he is a starter and opening -- What do you see why you so convinced about him. We see from him I think because I've been around and other traditional old -- -- -- -- -- football for. A -- of football player. I mean he's in the desert -- him on TV. -- that -- beats by one of the biggest guys the most muscle mass she's probably. At the quickest feet you know long according -- you know we have an opportunity right now to. If if he keeps come in the way keeps common you know you know maybe the best and the mentally. When it comes so. Young offensive -- in between. We have a football. Fans obviously legendary quarterback when it comes to a young -- like that you. Take big pride take pleasure in watching the growth of a player like Alex until Anderson you -- -- -- in his rookie year you kind of we see things along the way in just kind of like. Realize that. Things are clicking or you know of course in his first season just kind of notice that. -- I'm surprised with is his effort. -- mean you watch with a ball strong down the field he's he's like the first first play it down you know run it down Aaron. -- effort level. And you the only bright kid Smart is work ethic is outstanding. He's he's been everything. Everything that. That people. Obviously did it say about you know when he was coming out and that's why we're able to get them. In the seventh round and that the Afghanistan that has -- that time initially where people can change. And one of them is wrong when you know you go to college to loosely and he he understands that. If you -- we can't not only keep them progressive on the field but also off the field. Because she is very very talented football player and it is no talent how camp about Cyrus -- -- Good I mean he's really play well he you know what happens is it's it's like quarry Hillary get out there and -- -- Europe long -- and you thought about it public records. Bad you know you can play the same thing would offensive tackle give up pressure you give up its act and everyone can't do it right isotope -- global time. You know he could play seventy plays in the game OK and for 67 plays you can -- -- You know from you. And three of three Saxon ones and the game in the quarterback in afterwards -- -- play awful. You know what reality of 67 times in my totally dominated so I think we tend to jump on things like that which is normal but when he's when when you go back. And you watch every single play you get better better he's tough he's aggressive. He knows -- got to increase in the past probe. The path blockade but that's the one thing that you need to increase would most want. You know when it comes to sleep especially to tackle because there's a big difference between playing offensive tackle it in college and -- -- They'll save coach Doug -- here on WGR one of things I want to ask -- -- let you go -- as is. You're one for you hear him and what maybe you learned from -- you've been in the league before as an assistant coach you've been a head coach for the collegiate level. What did you learn anything from last year that can help you in twenty to fourteen as a first time head coach in the NFL. I just think that is normally get back into the league you know meaning. You know being able to help born knowing what's going on you know when you go out what they're off for four years. You know sort of mention a name and -- -- like blow really no whereas when you're in the lead through three years you can order of the league player wives so you can build up there. I think if it's it's more of that and you know the rules change each year's you have to be up to that but you know. Players from here are our -- the same you know assistant coaches of the same. You know we just got to get out there and I do your job leading this team him and him leave leave them and him and get us where we're orbit. Have what have you guys done it if any thing. With may be Donnie Henderson specifically working with the secondary with a cracked down on the defense of penalties the illegal contact defense of holding all the flags have you. Drummed -- home -- -- done anything different is there anything you've had to do differently with those players because the league is saying at least for now we're gonna throw flags and really be tight with this stuff. I think we do differently I mean it's always been cool you know I. I'll probably not the best I've talked to it is -- Points of emphasis. Talk about rules like that those -- You need to foursome play via coach so. -- got to play by the rules. But along extra point to think about it. I had a say it and I'd rather just keep it if the league you know -- eventually -- about negative or factually so positive. -- just. I'd rather keep those things via office. Reprimand. -- -- I had the exact quote was at the Glen in Henderson will kick everybody else's but I believe it's is that how I want to we. The potential. One of the best and anything else you wanna cover with -- us. Now go to retrieve.