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10-11 Pegula calls The Hobby

Oct 11, 2014|

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    in the modern Christmas Canon. Is Fred Claus. And on the starring Vince Vaughn and Paul Giamatti. The premise is that Paul Giamatti is Santa Claus and Vince Vaughn is just like. His dad brother Fred but not like bad Santa bad just like not his beloved. And sort of a moral story moral of the story is every kid deserves a present on Christmas and Santa is just like a judgmental bastards sometimes. And it's it's been spawned being Vince Vaughn as in any movie but he just happens to be Santa clauses brokers so it has a lot of that kind of
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Here is Terry with a solitary. I do in my okay. I remember my -- of baseball -- collecting the oil that it's six. -- And that's just curious. What what -- -- -- maybe you would she start collecting carts. 1978. I was six I was and of course buying my own cards but my mother. Would bring that Topps baseball set home and it's always one of my favorite sets because of that connection. Two when it started 56 what do you would agree you're to be doing it too. You still have that so I don't know. But it wasn't -- lines so rookie year. 56. Is not a great set for rookies every show is is. A rookie in that set. But he might be the only hall of Famer to realize rookies the fifty Forsett. Yeah they're also great though you know 545 and six. Just colorful gorgeous. -- Richard showed usually about parts bird he get there. A report. Well this one this one has ban I've got to go Terry thanks for your for your call and questions.