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4/1 Sabres GM Tim Murray

Tue, 1 Apr 2014

15 minutes

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Sabres GM Tim Murray is with -- -- I tip I'd. Been on the road. Yes was at west -- with the team and and I said ideals to them and -- did devote five or six junior games and then I met them back in Nashville. Seven days later. You made mentioned yesterday at a news conference to announce Poland's extension. Of how how salacious the trip they were on Wallace. Well what specifically -- how out of the ordinary for a team and an average year was it for. I've never been on one with Ottawa. The last team trial with extensively with auto I didn't trial extensively with New York or with. Anaheim but it went -- with them you can't compare Anaheim because or western -- team but to -- -- the three games out there back to. Montreal. And then to Nashville without having enough time to even. Stop stop over sleep. In your own beds that would only take two days and one night and then you have the day off the next in flight the day before -- -- -- I mean I mean I'd have to. Look at the schedule to see if other teams have done it but it seems like I mean there are bad trips for a lot of teams but to -- cross. Back across and then down and Iraq seems to me a little. -- -- Going back to you said you were on some scouting trips during that period of time. Is there a part of the job that you would say you like more that. Experienced those those trips vs what the deadline and how that builds up is like. Our love that I love. The scouting and I -- the deadline all that stuff is great stuff. It's the other stuff the bogs you down a little bit doesn't allow you to do those things all like what. Contracts. You know I've got -- -- -- -- helped me a lot here. Including with contracts but you know I still have to. Put in my put my input in and tell him what I think for the -- parameters there or he tells me and then I agree or disagree morsel that I guess he does most of research -- he's doing media grunt work there's no question in my. They're just things like that and you have to be he can't constantly be away for your team in today's NHL. As much as you would like to be looking for new players and and thinking that your improving the team. -- that -- work radio. Figure quotes. You still happier -- -- have year if you know your finger on the pulse. Power your players reacting to good and bad situations -- -- coach. Evaluating players management bases postings are all things -- the GM can help but with so. There's just it's a big spectrum of different things -- you have to do yeah there's a lot more. Benefit in being president than watching a video. Yes. I'm not a video guy I mean I would I would supplement with video of there's a guy. Me coming in part with the remote. At least more than halfway through the year and not doing a tennis amateur scouting and in Ottawa there're guys and I'm not sincere and soul. Or maybe Jesse Moore answered so I I wanna see those guys but I'm not gonna overrule our guys based what I see on. Now to get up to speed I'm used video for sure. How all -- talking about the guys at the top end of this coming draft would. Good food and give us some idea of what the top guys right now what. You know and that meant you know at everything and I'm not asking spilled the beans here but just -- -- Bennett -- maybe rise Italy. What what sort -- players other rather strong suits with what what they can. Well those guys are all the top of the draft once once defenseman who. At the end of the -- could become a franchise defenseman he may be a he may be a solid. Very solid two -- -- the plays a ton of minutes. I'm not sure if he has the -- dynamic. Kind of pace to him to be a franchise wherever he's going to be held a -- going to be a really really good defense and for a long time in the league so. He's consideration for the topic. Dries -- -- I saw out there -- played probably the best game for me over the five I've seen him in the last game. Big strong senator Heisman. Tremendous offensive zone where great hockey sense great vision. Protects the puck real well -- is ass out guys roll off for -- knows where they are over that looking at them he just he knows that. Reinhart. Tremendous vision. He's a Smart where on the ice every game I see him play so I don't know that meets as a lot based on him playing other guy's zone Ager a little older than him. But he's extremely Smart. Does everything. For the most part right. Tremendous vision passed the puck. Unbelievably well so you have two guys there that could be number -- energy of that defenseman your dog coal who. Probably has the best release we've seen a long time. Can really shoot the puck need to Saturn and get him the -- but. He's gonna score goals National Hockey League level. That it. Has a lot of what the other two guys sediment has -- tenacious he's he's a Bulldog he's. He's on you he he he will he would hit you he lost here you he will score on you he will do it takes to win so. They all have great attributes are all Lackey has ever -- is in certain areas but. It's going to be. It's gonna go down the wire on I think in a lot of teams list who's one who's to whose streams for. How much consideration if any will you organizationally. Give what the build of fewer. Team looks like right now even junior players like the depth of your organization seems to be in defense and right now. Does that. How much consideration. Today it does but I mean that can change tomorrow that could change the draft we all know that. If if we Quinn however meetings. And Jack -- is hands down the number one player. As a group. And he'll be the number one -- I'm a firm believer -- best player available but. You also you -- the bestseller available so. I can tell you that our western league scout that position -- command of who he believes the best are available there's all kinds of ways to get that vascular available soul. I'm sure in the back of some of our guys' minds that we are strong on defense coming we need a sentiment that may -- but that's going to be a question asked of the guys that have acquired one. Or don't have it but once or is that the reason because of position tell me that if it's not because of position let's move on. So there's lots of questions being asked but I just think the best were available -- in -- Vlad is the best are available that we deem that the end of the year then move has taken it. To Maria WGR. Where do you see -- -- right now what a valuation which gives them. He went back to go back he played hard. We asked him we told them we know he can go down there and get four points -- -- -- three points a game we want to play her way into. Played -- we want to be on the right side the -- we -- -- chip pucks in -- to -- 31 even. That's -- because when they're up to one he probably can create offense to put them up 31 that's at various -- With that in mind he went back there played pretty well he played -- last five reports are ready played extremely hard. Harder than he had in the past. Played properly. I think the big test is how is gonna play Rochester I mean you know he people back to back can be a star and that's kind of expected album. But now the step is to go to Rochester and shall we that you can at least be a good player at that level. And we'll find out I would think them making the playoffs they can do it really means. Mean something to view. It does. Unfortunately it hasn't gone out -- -- last. Ten games or whatever and you know we -- that trade deadline and we trade away young defenseman who's a good player there. We get the laureate a player there. In a trade. We we get defenseman attractive loan to us to kind of take up to the other squad. Not knowing the bag I was gonna have surgery not knowing that we were gonna have five injuries appear enough to call guys -- -- all I feel. Bad about that but insane I feel bad that's. That's the game that's nature of the game. But I would love for them to make the playoffs yes that's a big part of development. There's some reporting in the last few minutes that Jake McCabe is close to signing it and having to say on that. McCain is Apple's design. That's good reporting. That is I would add a report that's it in America the job I did related to I have to say wonderfully done. If if win win that -- done it but it's done -- -- garage to try to help them get the playoffs -- you have a spot for him to play here. I think that he forgets -- he would. No more likely be here first corner. Couple minutes left with two -- Anybody this team. There were to watch tonight somebody that you find yourself going back and forth on -- about what their value to the future might be. All there are a couple of guys -- marketer. Name them there are couple guys that you know one night I say ID you know this guy. Could help -- scored for the next -- I say I am I'm not sure and that's. When you're talking young players that every team is doing the same until you're an established young player. Management can do that all the time because management's never happy we're never satisfied we always want upgraded team so. I find guys and their first 23 years that we always have that game regal what that analysis guys do it and most guys get over that hump and some don't -- just don't stay here but. We've got a lot of young guys that I think are. Over the hump or just close to get in over the hump who the guys that aren't getting the couple that are gonna get over it I'm not you know I'm not sure. But that's why -- on the team's important again went back to that question. Evaluating every day in and and them knowing they're being evaluated every day I think is is is very important I don't know if it is important going -- -- young. Prospects but that's that's kind of a dilemma that most management guys have to weigh in and and find the rate ratio that that suits them. Your comfort level all of them and it's obvious -- extended a three year contract to them organizationally to have that kind of put to bed -- feel like. You've got you've got a group together now you can just kind of go from here move forward. I I think so I mean it was it was never I always thought we are gonna get it done it was never like. Let's get it done right now to everything in people thought it was dragging on and I just. I didn't think it was dragging on religious circumstance it was. You know the trade deadline and the GMs meetings came right after that we went out west and the result kind of things but I think. Him and I personally knew was gonna get done it was just what was going to be that day but I think. Besides him and I think for people outside it was it was good that a good thing for players for prospects. I think it was good that done I think it was for the city I think it was that it had canceled forget Teddy and I. For everybody else I think it was a good. It was good that it finally to put on paper and we don't talk anymore. Don't know if he'll take this question. The most instinct thing in hockey for me is Toronto. Can't get enough of it I'm listening I'm glued to their radio shows it's amazing this battle between the analytics crowd in the leafs who analytics people think. Were lying to themselves but the quality of their team. And reducing I don't know much -- -- -- what do you mean the pension plan pops at all. That's one I don't -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah you heard the argument you heard the conversation. With the normal route of my reputation I don't know whether what happened title and a fifth. Tomorrow I think it's great I think it's. -- it's it's it's interesting and I don't wanna comment on the other team and its is there a lesson -- it being learned maybe around hockey. You know the -- I told you so Toronto and all places Toronto the the capital to speak -- It's it's strange it's. Who -- next year when they bring somebody in an and they say well he has to doesn't have a recourse here and it closed all this stuff and maybe he plays while sold. Are at least management allowed -- Agile -- I don't know. We go -- to me go by what you see you roster guys upstairs the numbers. Correlate and if they do they -- you think you're on the right track if they don't then you have to make decisions are the numbers right which most times there. -- or your right right and that's a tough decision. Because there are players out there that you like. That that don't necessarily have great numbers. And I don't wanna get in all my philosophy on all that but. Yeah I mean you can get fooled sometimes for sure. It's -- -- And you're you're the senator's two points behind them now that it barely but it it. There. But there redundant. Anything for us to have any questions mean what we traffic here all questions for you I'd rather take questions. Give question answer that that's always lead to a school that's where this workers there if that's right we're -- -- additionally -- -- -- some god not like me on asking questions that he is a right. Yeah that's what usually happens just we don't want to thank you can't ask anything I think you Tim thank you guys -- very sabres GM will old. Hash it out after this here on WGR.

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