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The Fictional Athlete Hall of Fame

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Doing a lot of really bad emails sent to us like hey don't joint interview this person about this really boring thing in our answers always. We don't usually boring anyway yeah there are usually acts like any amount. The fictitious athlete hall of fame is announced the 2015 semifinalists. This is a hall of fame. For fictional characters c'mon fictional athletes. Now last December they RD induct their first four. How to remove that I don't always on TV at all about the next four. So the first four. Fictional athletes to make the fictional aptly hall of fame by LA now. We beat docket and Macedonia hall of fame is right big time as like Babe Ruth and then Cy Young exactly and I Cobb in the first baseball rightly saw between who was. Number one right I only I opened up the link I didn't even look at who was number one so the first fictional athlete to make the hall of fame should be who. The first anniversary probably what rocky paglia yeah rocky rocky rocky was first fictional that we've all been rocky was number one. The other three to go in you might be able against the neck on now I I I focus on the opening paragraph Rockies very good. So let the other ones then the other three went the other three that are in all of baseball yup. I give you clues Matthew. Older movies yet once the pitcher wants a catcher one played outfield. Bull Durham out the yup crash Davis Davis actually at all time home run leader in the diners are new pollution Z now Nolan you lose though I don't know but it a year pitcher carrier for. Roy Hobbs. Has to go in the naturally I would of the naturally Rick Vaughn. While I think we now okay. Fun in the third this first class. Apps will crack laws and Rocky Balboa I mean that's a class on a first class hall of Famer first ballot first ballot per hour here last party ballot go to Indians games wearing his Jersey yes. But he kind of slot in Major League trillion dollars it's a vicious he really is it an honest it is not a Major League three doesn't exist was not. Awful it was pretty bad three was off. So as well as the day you what you want to know who's next yes they're down to finalists here at this discussion how amazing is this discussion. About the best fictional athletes Ricky Bobby make the all I don't know why is now as he's wanted to fire his name just popped into my building yeah he bobbed their down to fifty fictional athlete finalists Vicky booby okay yeah and I've got the list up I don't know on forklifts or through these guys some time to have won today the draft is tomorrow but you know. Well it's not all okay it's not just movies it's TV shows up gas we can eliminate it get done let's get to the next four which which should be okay. If knee jerk reaction AC Slater save the bow out no way now are. Now. All the way may have sort of beat Obama on healthcare you know Al Bundy I don't know what fork out some played football right. In high school or something or college god sure. And a whole. Sure Beck survey survey. From that session Rodney Dangerfield terror. Yes right now he doesn't he's out. Apollo creed is out and these guys got a good got a good argue for Bennie the jet Rodriguez from sand lot. I'll leave it there for a minute. Okay I I wouldn't rule him out but I think we can do better go ahead way bigger McCracken who came to me oh he's and he's staying in this discussion out of the end right. Billy chapel for love of the game now now apparently it's really all a white men can't you all out terrible Bobby Boucher is out. Blood era flawed yes I vote for air but he's out. But I think every fictional our endeavor he was a multi sport at these guys like slowness and from. Bugs Bunny space jam you can't put bugs in Jordan hit the winning shot Charlie Conway Mighty Ducks out. No one can clobber lying now not even the best villain it and now. Yeah you're right you know and Eddie's coming up called trickle days of thunder lead amid for the an argument Daniel Russo Karate Kid leave a mess that's right a very strong candidate Danny Noonan caddie shack now now know. ID killer Carlson's slap shot no. Now Noah Al Dottie Hinson. She was really good and I was always. The catcher David davis' character she was the best player in the league. I would I would classics lever in but I can do better go ahead dog glad from going I haven't seen yet has yet. You know good good at the pay it's dues before it's all Famer as the fictitious athlete whole thing was don't. Did he go what is known and in and it's okay no idea will be about occupied. It's. The fast that he did mess that Zell said he felt some. From the hostile to borrow money for a Scott is out. Panels importers out that Hansen Robinson they stay in yeah really don't have to stand Happy Gilmore Homer Simpson or out. No happy. He was good. He won turn its battle Famer fictitious depth wise while. The only one of the men he won two he was good actor and I agree golf Iowa Iowa hundreds of thousands of dollars. And here I was his grandmother program on arms because when your with your friends. Playing golf averages somebody won't do the Happy Gilmore and they're really tough shot at the miniature golf course. Okay Jackie moon out now Jake Taylor for major I it didn't miss. If on Drago Alia I accidentally by Drago stays in yes. Odd but now he lost Drago is out he lost. He showed up once he got beat and killed pol while I hold that against the well yeah also that also that and they needed Jews yes I really did steroids Jake Taylor for Major League now. Jeff the dude about ski he states. This potential that they have he and Jimmy Chitwood is all it he said no question and discussion now. Well in each it would of hoosiers is hitter and first ballot rail yesterday picking generous dangerous it could vs. Amber's is on I think he gets my vote when you showed up the play. That made the season. You reach that he's in. Great I've famously Bill Simmons they did like the box score of his performance net gain Shelly 44480. Now realize is ridiculous you can find it. At that thing you know when he and it was just figured out we can do a lot of relief on the picket fence. Leave brutally ferment of the dragon I think he's got to go yeah I forgot Kenny powers tape powers out forget that. Lightning McQueen he's a cartoon he's out Maggie FitzGerald now. From a Million Dollar Baby OP Oglethorpe slap shot out not yet in all wrecking crew from longest yard. Albert Reynolds the quarterback now I would put him okay. That's your field Pedro Cerrato candidate curveball away out. Randy the ram Robinson and the Russell Russell is great as a really good movie and if he's all for now I'm reg Dunlop Ricky Bobby that rod Ted well. Now tin cup back avoid. No no talent and cut OK Sam Malone never made it alone I was negative picture. Shane Falco the replacements. I think there's an argument you make a change Balco. And then moved in Ty Webb. Now caddie shack now Tyler Durden in fight club that that the guy I agree that the stretch and spoiler alert. He was Earl. Yeah yeah I had yet to be real easy fix it and fiction. And Willie Mays case Major League. Now as much as I like I don't know how many as a he's he's not even the second best character and I are best answers don't get the most from mosque would be. Bruce bottoming shoppers region enjoyed it. Happy Gilmore. The Hanson Brothers. And what you tell me Daniel Russa or Bennie the jet Rodriguez and you'll Russo inspired a generation of kids that puts and a themselves. Over I would put him in over the sand lot guy yeah. Exit to. The jet aren't dog Daniel Russo is gonna fight I mean how many people that the mr. yucky thing with the answers because of that movie. Mr. Biondi should be India that the case she's fictitious capital others and at three different one for coaches about that we're just gonna say how about this they have a contributor category you the trend that they have a veteran's category. It's. Contributors. Jobs Peterson is on here all good what he did you know he made a big impact always happy calls back work. From well from back shack up. Adrian the beautiful isn't near Gordon Bombay Jerry Maguire. Hate Fox's whole favor absolutely eight of you didn't one on Norman dale. All the coach from hoosiers yes absolutely aperture and things just for measuring the basket before the championship game and think. It's in his article Lou Brown I think as the chancellor brown and we've got a classic coach we've got other nominees that have been shooting incident no shooter mayor Gavin great point yeah. Roger dorm or dual born here means the end of his career. Partially blues has no nominees here. Yeah yeah this is that's his old aunt and uncle and a dodge ball early inspire them to victory now. As great thank you for all the weeks no via responses court Monday. Maybe. And apparently we have to seek you own people's agreement agreement you guys don't need to look at the veteran's category I don't think you would know any of these guys there Google Michael J. Fox team wolf. That's. And it's. You Boettcher means just be. Oh the nominee I mean that the goal if not ice at a veterans problem is between them the golden girl from caddie Matthew what are your thoughts on the golfer in the contributor category is contributor like gopher from ten seconds as the I like it. Oh sure is listed from hoosiers. With that Dennis Hopper yeah Wilbur shooter flat and I use and reliable and you know. He can count them coming in or about putting him in the hall of Famer nick couldn't count him in the biggest moment. Although they did on the picket fence clocked. You you watch the league right yet taco MacArthur. Contributor. It's me and stuff is. This ever did that is awesome. This would put Ricky Vaughn couple texts saying about Rudy route he's not been document that I is that it's fun at bottom armored but it's based on the true story and here's another great tweet from errant. We never got to see what kind of career he had been Jesus shuttleworth. Is rates. Mention. Remember Jesus Ellsworth yeah he got game is a big state university. Big stage you scarcity and now look I mean just just beautiful what a great discussion that would make. Andy what it thinks air bullet should be him this is time that you matter to anybody else would conference in the hell out dog in this hall fame this. Fictitious at the hall of fame is gonna have stamped great and text in relief demon now. Now nobody from any given Sunday. Well when I could remember and yes I saw that movie okay thank you for my uncle Rico eagle 30550 to join us Casey from Casey at the bat he struck out. That's right let me let everybody down and I only saw him once he struck out Gary Small sample size to move like ram. Man. Like geno more likely would put. He gave up his chance to stay young and play baseball to help the joking girl now Mike Graham to me would go. Nick and I guess that would be a contributor. And a contributor category. Standing water grateful really line. It's fun I 8030 puppet John affect. Do a little better forget it got them NFL draft stuff the run by you mr. white for better forget applause for gonna talk about. A first admittedly baseball history which will take place today at 205. In Baltimore.